Accessibility Plus

Home Modification Tips

Home modifications allow individuals independent home living despite the lifestyle changes that come with disabilities and/or aging.

Need more immediate assistance with a return home?  We have the flexibility to assist with immediate needs such as a return home from hospitalization or rehabilitation, just give us a call at 608-335-6779 to discuss. 

Click on the topic links below for some home modification tipshome modification tips for elderly and disabled
    Why consider Accessibility Plus for your next remodeling project if your family is in good health? As a preventative approach, home modification for accessibility is a cost-effective strategy to reduce health care costs and either delay or eliminate the need to alternate outside care facilities. Even if you are in good health there are several universal and accessible design ideas you can include in your next remodeling project that can adapt later needs.

    Accessibility Plus
    can assist you or a loved one with conducting an in-home safety assessment.  Contact us today to set up your no obligation appointment!
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